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National Biotechnology Week offers a number of engagement opportunities across the country. The events are created by our regional accord partners and raised awareness for the industry.

Canada’s biotech industry is positioned to reinvent and transform our lives and economy. The world depends on innovative solutions. Canada is positioned as a leader in developing efficient and effective ways to deliver health care, grow food and manufacture goods. There is enormous opportunity for Canada’s biotechnology industry and the solutions it represents.

Our industry has become an essential component of the transformation and redefining of many traditional economic cornerstones including forestry, energy, aerospace and other manufacturing industries. In partnership with these other sectors, the biotech industry has helped position the Canadian economy as a leader in the emerging global ‘bio-economy’. There is now a bio-based component in virtually all sectors of the economy in the form of improved products and processes.

Join us.

Nadine Lunt
613-230-5585 x257

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