Creative Canadian Science: National Biotechnology Week Overview

National Biotechnology Week offers a number of engagement opportunities across the country. The events are created by our regional accord partners and raise awareness for the industry. 

Canada’s biotech industry is positioned to reinvent and transform our lives and economy. The world depends on innovative solutions. Canada is positioned as a leader in developing efficient and effective ways to deliver health care, grow food and manufacture goods. There is enormous opportunity for Canada’s biotechnology industry and the solutions it represents. 

Our industry has become an essential component of the transformation and redefining of many traditional economic cornerstones including forestry, energy, aerospace and other manufacturing industries. In partnership with these other sectors, the biotech industry has helped position the Canadian economy as a leader in the emerging global ‘bio-economy’. There is now a bio-based component in virtually all sectors of the economy in the form of improved products and processes.  

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Canadian Biotechnology Innovation and Opportunity Centrepiece of 10th Annual National Biotechnology Week

OTTAWA [September 19, 2013] - National Biotechnology Week (NBW) running September 20 – 27, 2013 is a celebration of imaGENEnation with more than 50 events across Canada. With thousands of participants each year NBW provides a forum to collaborate and showcase the impact the biotechnology industry is having on the country’s economy and the daily lives of Canadians.

“Canada’s biotech industry has been a leader in innovation from its early accomplishments in the prevention of disease through vaccination to developing efficient and effective ways to grow foods and more recently in its role in supporting the transformation of traditional manufacturing sectors such as oil and gas, automotive, forest products, mining,” commented Andrew Casey, President and CEO BIOTECanada. “National Biotechnology Week serves to recognize not only the industry’s past success but also to highlight the significant opportunity Canadian biotechnology innovation presents for the Canadian economy in the context of the emerging bio-economy and the challenges presented by global population growth and demographic shifts.”

With the global population expected to reach nine billion over the next few decades there is and everincreasing need to find new ways to provide better health care, more efficient and effective ways to produce food, improve environment performance and transform manufacturing processes. In this global need lies the enormous opportunity for Canada’s biotechnology industry, the solutions it represents and the industries it supports.

“Canada is home to a vibrant biotech industry of more than 500 established and emerging companies. These companies are driving solutions for the challenges identified with global population growth including vaccines protecting against cancer, green chemicals offering options for environmental stewardship, and more sustainable farming practices to secure food supply. It is an industry of great diversity with an array of entities including large, multinational companies as well as numerous small and medium sized companies. Similar to other Canadian industry sectors, Ontario and Québec are home to significant biotech company groupings. However, one of the core strengths of Canada’s biotech industry is the number of industry clusters found in each of the provinces across the country; it is a truly national industry,” Casey continued.

BIOTECanada is the national industry association with nearly 250 members located nation wide, reflecting the diverse nature of Canada’s health, industrial and agricultural biotechnology sectors. In addition to providing significant health benefits for Canadians, the biotechnology industry has quickly become an essential part of the transformation of many traditional cornerstones of the Canadian economy including manufacturing, automotive, energy, aerospace and forestry industries.

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